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Refund Policy

Digital Downloads and MP3 Albums
Digital MP3 purchases are non-refundable.

Song Licensing
We will automatically refund the royalties and fees for any song we find to be in the Public Domain and for any song we are unable to license due to our inability to locate the copyright holder. Except for these two cases we will not refund your money after a license has been purchased. This includes cases where we cannot license your songs due to restrictions of the Compulsory Mechanical Licensing Law of the United States. Please make certain you understand these limitations before placing your order.

There are no refunds for design work. However, we promise to work with you until you are completely satisfied with your finished design. This includes design assistance and PDF proofs until it's right. 

CD Duplication and Replication
We guarantee our work, including print, quality of materials, and assembly. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money or make it right. We will not refund your money for problems caused by designs you provided that did not meet our design requirements, or for design errors that were approved by you during the proof process. Also, while we do our best to communicate with you about turn times, it is your responsibility to understand our Steps and Timing. We will not issue refunds in the case of missed deadlines.

Mastering and Recording
Mastering and recording services are paid in advance by the hour and there are no refunds for mastering or recording.

Legacy Projects
Payments for Legacy Productions complete album production projects are non-refundable, and fall under the terms of the Legacy Recording Agreement.

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