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How We Respect Your Privacy


We respect your privacy. We want you to feel comfortable, safe, and protected when you use Tuneswoon. This privacy document explains how we gather information from you and then how we use that information. It explains how we share your information in some circumstances and why.

Tuneswoon is a social site designed for sharing. Much of the content you add will be available to Tuneswoon users and to the general public. So be nice, and realize your comments may be read by others.

We never share specific contact information without your permission. We guard transaction information and only use it to process your payments. Finally, we respect your rights to the intellectual property you add to Tuneswoon. We protect your intellectual property with the utmost care and you maintain all ownership rights.

Here are the details of how we respect your privacy:

1.  Information We Receive

Personal Information  When you sign up for Tuneswoon you provide us with your name, email, gender, and birth date.  After you register we may ask for more information such as your address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and mobile carrier.  You also have the option to share additional personal information publicly including, but not limited to, images, comments, opinions, feelings, activities, interests, and your own intellectual property and musical creations.                                                                                                                

Transactional Information  We may retain the details of transactions or payments you make on Tuneswoon.  However, we will only keep your payment source account number with your consent. 

Site Experience Information  We keep track of information you provide to us when you engage with Tuneswoon, such as when you post comments, add content, update “likes” and “dislikes”,  or request services.  This user-added content is the meat and potatoes of Tuneswoon.  You have the option to add as much or little content as you wish.  User-added content is saved to our server.  Most user-added content is publicly available across the internet, even to users not registered with Tuneswoon.  Whenever content is added, we log the user, date, time, and page through which the content was added.  Also, when you request a free music licensing search, we save your album release and song information to Tuneswoon.  If you wish to publicly share / sell copyrighted content not licensed through Tuneswoon, we will ask you for proof of licensing.   

Site Access Information  We may keep information about how you access Tuneswoon to better serve you.  We may ask your location or automatically determine your location using server technologies.  We may save your location information to provide a more engaging and useful service.  Also, we may collect information about the device and software you use to access Tuneswoon, such as your web browser version and IP address.  We also may track which pages you visit and the times you visit. 


2.  Public and Private Information 

Public Content  Most user-added content on Tuneswoon is available to the general public (including people not logged into Tuneswoon).  This includes images, comments, opinions, activities, and interests.  However, your intellectual property (copyrighted content that you own) and musical creations are carefully protected.  Intellectual property, such as your songs and sheet music are publicly available only through incomplete streaming song previews (NOT permanent digital downloads) and first-page-only sheet music previews.  You have the option to offer full versions of your copyrighted content for sale or for free.  We will never deliver full versions of your copyrighted content for sale or for free without your permission.  You can manage the availability of your copyrighted content from the “Manage” tab on your home page. 

Private Content  Certain information you provide will be kept private, including specific personal contact information such as age, date of birth, address, email, and phone numbers, unless you specifically request otherwise.  Also, transactional information is held under strict privacy and security safeguards and is not visible to anyone but you. 

We protect your intellectual property with the utmost care.  When you post intellectual property, we do not share it without your consent.  Also, we do not take any of your rights ever.  You maintain 100% of your intellectual property rights for the content you own and add to Tuneswoon.  This, in effect, makes you your own record label and your own publisher.  For details about how we respect your rights to your intellectual property, please refer to our Music Creators Agreement. 

Links  Tuneswoon contains links to outside web sites with their own different privacy policies.  Our policies do not apply when you follow these links to outside sites. 


3.  How We Use Your Information 

To enrich Tuneswoon  Your user-added content enriches the experience for you and others on Tuneswoon.  Comments, favorites, images, ratings, likes, and dislikes make Tuneswoon the ultimate open forum for music.  When you add content, others discover your stuff.  When you post comments, others can learn your opinions.  Music creators, content, and users can connect, share, review, and discuss.  Users can follow content you add.  By doing so, they can receive updates about the content they follow. 

To manage the service  We use the information we collect to analyze site usage, provide better service, respond to support inquiries, monitor the site for safety, and ensure fair and proper use of the site.

To contact you  We may contact you to better serve you, or to offer relevant support as you create or use the music on our site.  We may contact you via phone, email, or mail.

To personalize your experience  We may use your information to deliver content that is relevant to your interests.  This includes user-added content and advertising. 

To license materials  If you hire us to license copyrighted materials for you, your personal contact information will be included on the license requests as is required by law.  No transactional information is included on license requests.           

To confirm the legality of added content   We will link your licensing information to the intellectual property (copyrighted) content you add, as a record of what you have licensed so that you can distribute legally over Tuneswoon. 

To copyright intellectual property you own for Copyright  We may use your personal information and your licensing information to register your works for copyright with the United States Copyright Office if you hire us to do so. 


4.  How We Share Information 

Public Nature of Tuneswoon  Tuneswoon is a public site designed for sharing.  Like other social networks, your basic information including your name and profile picture will be public.  Unlike other social sites, most other non-intellectual-property (copyrighted) content you add such as simple comments, posts, reviews, favorites, and images are publicly available even to those not registered with Tuneswoon.  Also, unlike other sites, users will not need to add you to see your profile.

Our purpose is to keep our music community together, honest, free, and open, and to break down barriers between the uber-famous, somewhat-famous, becoming-famous, and their fans.  This goal applies not only to musicians, but to publishers, labels, and venues. 

As mentioned, though, specific personal information such as age, birth date, email, phone, and address are kept private unless you specify otherwise.  Also, all full versions of intellectual property (copyrighted) content are private and protected by default.

When you make a payment  We share your transaction information only with the reputable third parties necessary to complete the transaction.  Our agreement with them protects your privacy throughout the secure transaction process.

When you license music through Tuneswoon  If you hire us to license copyrighted materials for you, your personal contact information will be included on the license requests as is required by law. We only share this information with the copyright holder or their representative.  These requests may also go through reputable, third party services and agencies that assist with the licensing process.  No transactional information is included on license requests.

To promote Tuneswoon  We may use aggregated information with third parties to help improve or promote Tuneswoon.  But we will only do so in such a way that no individual user can be identified or linked to any specific action or information.

To confirm music licensing  We may use your licensing information to verify to manufacturers or copyright holders that you have licensed their materials legally through Tuneswoon.  This is for your benefit because it proves your content is legal.

To register intellectual property you own for Copyright  If you hire us to register your creations with the United States Copyright Office, we will share your personal and licensing information with them only to the extent necessary to obtain the registration.


5.  How You Can View, Change, and Remove Information

Viewing Your Information  You can view your information by logging into Tuneswoon and browsing the various links on your home page.  All the content you add (including any intellectual property) links directly to your home page through the “Manage” tab.

Changing Your Information  To change any information you add, first navigate to the information, and then look for a link to edit or change.  If you do not see a link to edit or change nearby the content you added, you may need to remove the content and re-add.

Removing Your Information  To remove any information you add, first navigate to the information and then look for a link to remove or delete.  Alternatively you can remove any content you add from the “Manage” tab on your home page.

Deactivating or Deleting Your Account  If you want to stop using Tuneswoon, you can remove your account from the “Manage - My Account” tab on your home page.  By default, when you remove your account, we will save your information on our servers.  That way we can restore your account if you decide to return.  You can permanently delete your account by contacting us directly.  When you permanently delete your account, all your information is removed from our servers and cannot be restored.

Removing Other Information  You can only remove information that you added.  We monitor Tuneswoon for phony, inaccurate, scandalous, or libelous information.  If other users post information that you want removed, please report abuse from the “Manage” tab on your home page.

Backup Copies  Deleted information may persist in backup copies for up to 90 days, but will not be available to others.


6.  Summary

In Conclusion  We wish to respect your privacy.  We want you to feel comfortable, safe, and protected using Tuneswoon.  Because Tuneswoon is a public site designed for sharing, much of the content you add will be available to users and the general public.  We will never share full versions of any intellectual property (copyrighted materiUltimately you need to use your own disgretion when adding content.



That’s it for our privacy policy. We hope you have a clear idea of our methods for protecting your privacy. Please contact us with any concerns. Enjoy Tuneswoon!




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